Blue Buoy Trading

Polperro, Cornwall

Simon Drew works in pen and ink with an emphasis on wildlife and everyday subjects.
He exhibits in his own gallery and the Chris Beetles Gallery, St.James, London.
His nonsense verse and drawings are shown on cards, prints, mugs and other items, which are distributed throughout the UK.

In the USA the cards are published in Salt Lake City by Bottman Designs

Simon has always said that his aim is to follow the maxim of Paul Klee who tried not to “reproduce the visible but to make visible”. However he has usually ended up producing nonsense and has been described as “half artist, half wit”.

It has often been said that his work can be compared to the greatest art of the last century. In fact it has been compared to a lot of things.

Every Season he produces a new list of designs just to make sure that no one can ever say they’ve got them all.